More Magnifiers

Saturday, May 14, 2011 No comments
Students found out that in order to be transparent an object must be see through and we used a flashlight to show that:

Then the students explored objects to see if they met the criteria for a magnifier  (the dropper was used to test a drop of water and a drop of chocolate milk):

They recorded their answers on these worksheets:

Then we used the knowledge learned during the exploration activity to create this venn diagram (transparent,curved surface or both)

Mother's Day Gifts

These are the projects my students completed to give to their mother's.
I had the students make their handprints and I wrote a poem around the handprints that was taken from the internet (I don't know which site), then I attached the prints to a painted Lowe's paint stick (that Lowe's in Abilene, TX graciously gave me 20 of)  and attached this poem I made up real quick:
Stick me in a potted plant
For all the world to see.
It shows I love my mother,
And she is proud of me!

(I had intially planned something else to go on the Lowe's stick, but my coworker, Mrs. Tammy Riggan, did the handprints and poem with her class and they turned out so darned cute that I had to do it with mine.)

Below, we ordered these paintable pot holders from Oriental Trading Company:

Below, is a frame made out of popsicle sticks that the students painted.  I hot glued puzzle pieces to the sticks and added the sentence "I love you to pieces!"


Thursday, May 5, 2011 2 comments
We learned the properties of magnifiers :

This is just a preview.  I will try to post more over the weekend.  (I really just wanted to see if I could get something on my blog).  Please bear with me - I am so NEW at this!