Birthday Tags for Bubble Wands

Monday, August 6, 2018 No comments

I found these bubble wands for a whopping $ .30 at Michael's.  I decided to give them as birthday gifts to my students this year.   Feel free to grab the tags I made if you need to use them.  You should be able to edit them with your name.  Just click on the bottom picture above to get the link.
The cute fonts I used are from Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

Happy Teaching!

Back to School Sale

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 No comments
I was feeling a little motivated this morning and Miss Little Bit had to be right in my business.

I've been making my wish list on TpT this morning and felt inspired to do something, but as you can see, someone wasn't having it.  

Today and tomorrow is the Back to School sale on TpT. 
 Don't forget to use the code for additional savings.

Comparing Numbers

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 No comments
Awhile back we covered comparing numbers with greater than, less than. Here is a video of one of my students working on comparing 28 and 27.

I made mats for my students to practice this concept on.  I am really pleased with the on task behavior.  100%  y'all!  We worked on greater than one day and less than the next day.  I slide the mats into dry erase pockets and students use dry erase markers to work out the problem.  My class size is 22 and I have enough dry erase pockets for whole group and then extra at my small group table.  These have been worth every penny!!!

Here are some more pictures of my firsties working on this concept.

One of my students had some difficulty with drawing a quick picture and still needed to build the number with cubes and then draw her quick pictures so this is how I differentiated for her:

If you are interested in using these mats, you can grab them here.

Happy Teaching!

Christmas Ornaments

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 2 comments
I am on a much needed Christmas break!  We got out for break on Friday at 1:00.  I was home and piled up under a blanket with Netflix by 1:45 and didn't budge much until Sunday morning. 

I wanted to share with you the Christmas ornaments my students made.  These were super easy to make.

I got this idea from Just a Primary Girl.  She has a few more options that she did with her students. I wanted to make this as simple as I could so my students all did the reindeer.  I purchased one tile sheet for under $3 at Home Depot and a $1 roll of ribbon at the Dollar Store.  I already had the paint and markers.  Cheap and easy - you can't beat that!  FYI:  It works much better if you use a paintbrush to paint your student's thumbs before they put their thumbprint on the tile.

We also made these adorable silhouette ornaments using PowerPoint.
Last year, we made Mother's Day gifts using this idea from Lidia at Kinder Alphabet.   We used this same idea to make our Christmas ornaments.  Lidia has a great tutorial to help you and once you do one, you will zip through the rest. 

My friend and coworker, Amanda, found the ornament pattern online that she inserted into PowerPoint. The ornament pattern can be found at ClipartPal.

Amanda offered to make all of my ornaments for me.  All I had to do was take my student's pictures with an Ipad and then email them to her.  She did all the magic on PowerPoint and printed them out.  I then had to laminate, cut out and add the ribbon. 

If you look the finished ornament,  you can see that I decided to cut the top off the ornament pattern  and then put the ribbon on.  You could easily make this same pattern in PowerPoint with a circle and rectangle in any color you want.

I love my team y'all.  There are four of us and I can't imagine doing first grade without their friendship and support.  Tammy has decided to retire and while I am extremely happy for her, I will miss her terribly.  She has been such a blessing!  I wish her nothing but happiness and peace in her new adventures!  Love you Tammy!
  Pictured from left to right:  Tammy, Amanda, Rikki, and me.

Y'all!  I love the new look of my blog and I hope you do to.  I want to give a shout out to Laura at Albemarle PR for doing such a wonderful job.  If you are wanting a new look for your blog, I highly recommend her!

Happy Teaching!