Writing - How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 16, 2018 1 comment

How did I get my firsties excited about this little writing activity?  I passed out brand new, freshly sharpened Christmas pencils and threw up a crackling fireplace on the smart board that I found on YouTube and they went right to work.  They even asked if we could do it again.  That's a WIN in my book!

I grabbed this sequencing freebie from KidSparks that can be found at this link:

The writing printable for this activity is from Stephanie Trapp at Primary Theme Park.  You can read her post about it and get her free printable at the link below:

Happy Teaching!

Nonfiction Writing First Grade Style

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 No comments
We recently used the Shadow Puppet App to share some nonfiction writing.  Here is one of my students reading his nonfiction writing.

{By the way - this writing activity ties in beautifully with the story "How Leopard Got His Spots" that is in the first grade Journeys reading series.}
Day 1
Zebra Writing
We read and discussed the book shown below and then we made a class word bank for students to refer to when writing.

Student then wrote several sentences about zebras and illustrated their pictures.

Day 2
Leopard Writing
  We read and discussed the book shown below and then we made a class word bank for students to refer to when writing.

Day 3
Title and Table of Contents
I gave my students their title and table of content pages.  We assembled the books,  they added a title and filled  in their table of contents page with the page numbers.

Note:  If we would have had more time, I would have added a giraffe page to their books.  And next time we do this, I will have my students add some labels to their illustrations as well.

 Here are a couple more student examples and if you go to the bottom of this post you can grab the nonfiction writing template {free} to use with your students.

You can grab yourself a copy at this link:

Happy Writing!

Birthday Tags for Bubble Wands

Monday, August 6, 2018 No comments

I found these bubble wands for a whopping $ .30 at Michael's.  I decided to give them as birthday gifts to my students this year.   Feel free to grab the tags I made if you need to use them.  You should be able to edit them with your name.  Just click on the bottom picture above to get the link.
The cute fonts I used are from Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

Happy Teaching!

Comparing Numbers

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 No comments
Awhile back we covered comparing numbers with greater than, less than. Here is a video of one of my students working on comparing 28 and 27.

I made mats for my students to practice this concept on.  I am really pleased with the on task behavior.  100%  y'all!  We worked on greater than one day and less than the next day.  I slide the mats into dry erase pockets and students use dry erase markers to work out the problem.  My class size is 22 and I have enough dry erase pockets for whole group and then extra at my small group table.  These have been worth every penny!!!

Here are some more pictures of my firsties working on this concept.

One of my students had some difficulty with drawing a quick picture and still needed to build the number with cubes and then draw her quick pictures so this is how I differentiated for her:

If you are interested in using these mats, you can grab them here.

Happy Teaching!