Nonfiction Writing: Texas Symbols

Monday, March 9, 2020 No comments
Hi Friends!
I know it's been awhile since I posted anything here and there is a reason.  This school year, I moved to a new town and a new school.  I now teach first grade at Woodland Heights Elementary in Brownwood, Tx.  I have been busy adjusting to a new house, new school, and  making supplemental activities for the new Into Reading HMH adoption.  I have been saving some things that I have been doing with my class (my camera roll on my phone is FULL) to share with you when I get a chance and that is what I am here to do today.

This past week, we were learning about Texas Symbols and I needed to get in some nonfiction writing so I combined the two.
Here is a finished product from one of my firsties:

We completed these in one week.  
On Monday, I went over the nonfiction features we would put in our book.  These were:  
Title Page, Table of Contents and a "fun fact" that needed to be included on at least one symbol.
I used two nonfiction books that had these features and we went over them.

On Tuesday, we read about Texas symbols. I used a  PowerPoint I purchased on TpT by Cheryl Martin.  If you are interested in the one I used, you can check it out HERE.

Then, I had the students fold a piece of white paper into fourths and draw 4 symbols they wanted to write about.  (To save time, as they were working, I went around and spelled/wrote the name of their symbol for them)  Here are a few samples of our prewriting:

On Wednesday and Thursday, we wrote our books.
On Friday, my students shared their booklets with each other.

You can grab a copy of the booklet by clicking on the picture below.

Happy Teaching!

Retelling using ChatterPix

Monday, March 11, 2019 No comments
We recently read the story "The Tree" that is in our Journeys reading basil.  It is a chapter from the book "Poppleton Forever."

First, I had my first graders write sentences telling what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.

The students then got out the ipads and used the 
ChatterPix Kids app to retell and share their writing.
Here are a few examples:

Happy Teaching!

Writing a Friendly Letter

Sunday, February 17, 2019 No comments
After reading "Let's Go to the Moon," I had my firsties write a letter to someone telling them facts they had learned about the moon.

Here are a few examples of our finished letters:

First, students used the plan sheet below to write their three moon facts on.  Then they used the friendly letter template to write their letter.  They added pictures to display with their letters in the hallway.

Students could write letters about any topic they are learning about.

You can grab a copy of this writing freebie by clicking on any of the pictures above.

Happy Teaching!

Writing - How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 16, 2018 2 comments

How did I get my firsties excited about this little writing activity?  I passed out brand new, freshly sharpened Christmas pencils and threw up a crackling fireplace on the smart board that I found on YouTube and they went right to work.  They even asked if we could do it again.  That's a WIN in my book!

I grabbed this sequencing freebie from KidSparks that can be found at this link:

The writing printable for this activity is from Stephanie Trapp at Primary Theme Park.  You can read her post about it and get her free printable at the link below:

Happy Teaching!