It's a Sale!

Sunday, November 25, 2012 3 comments
TpT is having a 10% off sale with Promo Code:  CMT12
I am offering another 20% on all the items in my store.
I am also having a sale in my Teacher's Notebook store.
Go to either place to check it out.
I will be shopping some myself!
Happy Shopping Friends!

Journeys® "How Leopard Got His Spots" Freebies

Sunday, November 18, 2012 4 comments
 At the moment, I am obsessed with these:
Transparent Spinners
And so are the kids.  They think they are playing a game when I pull them out. 
You take the spinner and lay it on top of whatever worksheet you want to use and spin away.
On this particular worksheet, the students record their spin by coloring in the correct square on the graph.
The worksheet shown goes with the story How Leoporad Got His Spots that is in the Journeys® reading series or you could use them with a zoo or animal theme.
I also made an ABC order activity to go with this story:

You can get these two activities for free by clicking on the pictures above.
You can get 5 spinners at Nasco for $3.40.

You can also check out my whole unit "Journeys Literacy Activities for How Leopard Got His Spots - Grade 1"
by clicking on the picture below:

Sight Word Practice

Friday, November 2, 2012 2 comments
Every week, my students have two sight words to spell.  These were this week's words:  from, are.  This is one way we practice.

I give the student's the word with each letter in a box:
They cut the word apart and mix up the letters:
(sorry about the quality of this picture, I uploaded it about 7 times and this is the best one)

Then they put it in the correct order:

I then have them chant spell it.
Clap and chant spell it.
Spell it in a deep voice.
Spell it in a girly voice.
Spell it in a goat voice.

We then mix it up several more times and spell it again and again chanting the spelling of the word.

Then I have them glue it in their journals and write it five times.

How do you practice sight words?  
Please share if you have some fun ideas.