Sight Word Practice

Friday, November 2, 2012
Every week, my students have two sight words to spell.  These were this week's words:  from, are.  This is one way we practice.

I give the student's the word with each letter in a box:
They cut the word apart and mix up the letters:
(sorry about the quality of this picture, I uploaded it about 7 times and this is the best one)

Then they put it in the correct order:

I then have them chant spell it.
Clap and chant spell it.
Spell it in a deep voice.
Spell it in a girly voice.
Spell it in a goat voice.

We then mix it up several more times and spell it again and again chanting the spelling of the word.

Then I have them glue it in their journals and write it five times.

How do you practice sight words?  
Please share if you have some fun ideas.


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  2. We get the body into it (a la vintage Cunningham) by practicing orally with hand cheers, too...Hands up for a tall letter, hands straight forwards for a "middle" letter and hands down for a descending letter...a great movement break combined with learning well loved by kiddos. :)
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