Character Traits

Friday, April 5, 2013
Happy Friday!!!  I thought it would never get here!  Due to the rain and cold, we missed recess most of the week and boy could you tell it.  Thank goodness the sun is starting to shine again in Texas!

We worked on character traits this week and I can honestly say that my kids got it!  I gave the end of story assessment and my lowest grade was an 80!  (Picture the clouds parting and angels singing.)

We started by discussing "outside" and "inside" charater traits.  Outside traits are the traits you can see.  Inside traits are traits you cannot see but you can prove by observing a characters dialogue and actions.  I made this pinterest inspired anchor chart as we discussed traits:

I then had my students write inside and outside traits about themselves:
They then had to choose two inside traits and show evidence using their actions or dialogue:
(I like how she used me in her evidence examples.)

We then moved on to story characters.  The story we were reading (The New Friend) is about a new boy moving to the neighborhood and 3 boys who become his friend.  I had the students choose a character and list two character traits about them and then provide evidence from the story that supports it.

With this same story, I had the students write sentences telling what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.  They then had to illustrate their sentence.  I folded a 12x18 piece of manilla paper and made two cuts: 6 inches from the top 6 inches from the bottom.  I then had the students write beginning, middle, and end on the outside.  They opened the flap and wrote what happened and drew their picture.

This student wrote, "The three boys are curious because they want to know who is moving into the old house."

This student wrote, "They played soccer ball with Makoto.  They make a great team together.  They will be great friends.

This student wrote, "The three boys were happy because Makoto was going to their school."

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Perfect Perfect Perfect timing!!! We're reading that story next week in our reading books. :)

    I'm in Indiana and I fell like I've spent the last 40 days with indoor recess. This week we finally got to go out! Today was lovely.

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  2. We are your newest followers. We love your sight!!! Coma over and visit for a blog hop that is going on right now over at Teachingtimes2. WE are giving away alot of freebies!!!

    Kristy and Misty

  3. I'm doing this story now! I'm so borrowing (and pinning for next year) your chart! It's perfect for teaching those traits!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Mrs. Landry’s Land of Learning

  4. Thank God for this!!!! We are about to go on Spring Break but after that we are reading this story! I'm about to create this center stations now!!! My kiddos will love this! Also love the anchor chart!

  5. Where are these worksheets located?

    1. Hi Amber! Email me at

  6. Can I get a copy of these worksheets also? They are perfect for introducing character traits next week!