Thursday, September 12, 2013 1 comment
Today we learned about captions.  I read the book shown below because it was rich with captions and because we will be learning about Johnny Appleseed next week.

I then made an anchor chart drawing a picture and putting captions in.  (I did not show you a picture of the chart because . . .well, let's just say it was subpar.  As soon as we discussed the chart, I flipped the page.  I did not want a grown up to pop in my room and even get a glance at it.  That's how bad it was.)
I gave each child six white labels and they went to their desks and got their journals out.  They drew a picture (I told them to draw whatever they wanted) and then they added captions.
If you can't read the first child's picture, it says:
This is a snake.  Snakes are poisonous.
This is my daddy.  He shoots snakes.
This is me.  I am scared of snakes.

I also had them glue the definition of a caption in their journals.  I took pictures of their journals before we glued the definition in.  You can grab yourself a copy by clicking on the picture below.
Happy Teaching!

No Interruptions Please

Monday, September 9, 2013 1 comment
One of my goals every year is to figure out how to run reading groups without any interruptions from the students who are at centers or working at their desks. 

One idea I ran across was from a video I watched on Teaching Channel.  The teacher tells her class not to interrupt unless it is one of the 3 B's:  burning, barfing or bleeding. You can check out her video HERE.

I recently made this poster to hang close to where I do reading groups.  Students can see it and hopefully be reminded that they don't need to bother me during reading groups unless it is something really important like one of the 3 B's.   (you can grab a copy by clicking on the picture)
I also wear a purple necklace (like the one pictured below) that I picked up at our local dollar store.  I got 5 of the necklaces for $1.  My students know that if I have the necklace on, they are not to interrupt the reading group.
We are now on our second week of reading groups/centers and a handful of my little firsties are still working on not interrupting.
I would love to hear ideas that work in your classroom that help minimize interruptions.