Reading Group Rotation

Monday, September 5, 2011
Thought I would share how I do my reading group rotations.  I have three reading groups and I meet with every group every day listening to them read, working on sight words and other skills.  Here is the chart that I use and by about the end of the third week we start this, the kids can pretty much do this without much guidance from me.
Here is how it works:
Before we start, I give everyone their seatwork assignment and this is done "at your desk".  I usually tie this into whatever theme we are studying and right now that would be apples. 
I read a book about it, then give an assignment.

When we start the rotation (see the picture below):
Group A would be at their desk while B is a the reading table and C is at centers.
After 15-20 min. we switch
Group A goes to centers, B goes to their desk to do seatwork and C comes to reading table.
After 15-20 min. we switch again
Group A comes to reading table, B goes to centers and C does their seatwork.
I only have 5 centers because the kids only go to one center a day and by Fri., they have visited every center. 
My centers are:
ABC (which is my word work center)
123 (which is my math center)
Science/Graphing center
Writing center
Art center

In the picture below, you will notice that each group is color coded: the red names are group A and if you look at only the red names you will notice that 2 students are the most that will ever be at a center together so this helps cut down on noise in the classroom while I work with reading groups. 

Sorry if this seems as clear as mud.  It may seem really complicated at first, but once you understand it, it flows pretty easily.  If you have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to answer.

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  1. Love seeing how other teachers do their reading groups. Found your blog via a little blog hopping. Just getting in to this blogging thing a bit more, so nice to find your blog :)