Fire Safety

Saturday, October 15, 2011
We learned about fire safety this past week.  On Thurs.,  members of our local Volunteer Fire Dept. and Texas Forest Sevice came to our school and shared some important fire safety information.  We saw firefighters, Smokey the Bear, and fire trucks.

If you are looking for a free resource for fire safety curriculum, you need to check out Fire Safety for TexansFire Safety for Texans is a series of fire and burn prevention curriculum guides (K-12) developed by the State Fire Marshal´s Office.  You can find the curriculum HERE.      I especially liked the story of Careful and Harmful (in the second grade curriculum) and the stick puppet activity that went with it.

We also did some art and followed a recipe to make edible fire trucks.
For the edible fire trucks, you need:
mini oreos
pretzel sticks
ghram crackers
red icing (or white that you dye red with food coloring)
and gumdrops

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