Owls and Bats

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
We have been learning about nocturnal animals with most of our activities focused on bats and owls.  I purchased Deanna Jump's math and literacy book Owls  that has some great ideas in it.  You can also check out her amazing blog,  Mrs. Jump's Class, for some additional ideas. 
 My firsties made this booklet with owl facts inside:

We made the owl page of our
"Nocturnal Animals" booklet
and they turned out soooo cute.

 We also made the bat page:

We read the book:
and since Stellaluna was a fruit bat,
we just had to graph these:

If you are interested in using the
graphing sheet that I made,
you can get it  HERE

After learning about  bats and owls, we compared and contrasted them using a Venn Diagram.  This was my favorite activity that we did because it showed just how much my little firsties had learned!   They continually amaze me with all the knowledge
 their little brains can take in!

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