Accelerated Reader

Sunday, January 22, 2012
We use the Accelerated Reading program (AR and Accelerated Reader are registered trademarks of Renaissance Learning, Inc.) at our school to supplement our reading program.  It is a software program that our school purchased and this is how it works:
1) students read a book at their reading level
2) take a comprehension quiz on the computer
3) they get points based on how many questions they get correct
We record their progress in first grade with this cute little bulletin board:

Each child gets a "back stage pass" with their picture on is and their pass moves as they get AR points.

Our goal in first grade is 25 points, but as you notice we go all the way to 100 because some of our little readers will make it past 100.  If they get to 100, they get this little prize:

All of our firsties usually get the 25 points and for that we have an end of year pizza party (every 1st grader attends even if they don't attain the goal)
Students are allowed to cash in points for junk prizes at the end of each six weeks.
This is an incentive program to get our little readers to read and the part they love most is getting on the computer to take their test!

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