Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling Froggy?

We have started learning about frogs and toads.
After reviewing what fiction and non-fiction mean, we read frog books and then placed copies of the book covers on our T-Chart.

You can grab a copy of the above posters along with a copy of the book covers at this link:  Fiction and Non-Fiction Posters

The students are working hard in these centers this week:
1) Art - draw a frog, paint it, and then trace the lines with a permanent marker (this was a pinterest inspired project)
 Check out the paint on her face.  :-)  She was having so much fun.

2)  Math - Place value practice with expanded form

3) Unscramble sentences

4) Match Antonyms

5) Measure with frog rulers

You can find all of these activities in my "Feeling Froggy?" unit that I posted in my TpT store.  You can check it out by clicking on the picture below.
In this packet you will find:
*Sentence Scramble
*ABC order to the first or second letter
*Synonym and Antonym Match
*Identify if words are synonyms or antonyms
*Science Frog/Toad Comparison with life cycle
*Frog/Toad Venn Diagram
*Writing activity - tell similarities/differences between a frog and a toad
*"Can, Have, Are" Graphic Oraganizer (not shown in above picture)
*Non-fiction writing form
*Place Value Practice with or without expanded form
*Measuring activities with frog ruler
*Telling time to the hour and half hour
*"Froggy Pie" poem and Recipe (not shown in above picture)
*Part, part, whole (not shown in above picture)
*Number Bond Art Activity

If you are still reading, then I think you deserve a freebie.
Here is a frog themed contraction match:
Click on the picture to grab yourself a copy.

I sure would like to know how to provide the link by clicking on the picture but I haven't learned that yet.  If you know how, and want to share, I would love to learn.

Thank you Ms. Patterson and Deb for teaching me how to link a picture.  I appreciate it!



  1. To link a picture just click on it in your blog post, I have to double click then look at the top of the bar towards the right side and you should see a link button, it is right beside the photo one and just copy and paste the link. Now every time some click on the picture it will take them where ever you linked it too

    Hope it helps

    Ms .Patterson

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  4. This is super cute! I need to "hop" (ha, ha, ha) over to your TPT store! :)

    To link the picture, double click it (it will probably turn blue), click on the "link" button at the top of the post you're writing, paste the url of the activity in the box, click "done" or "save" - you should be good to go. :)
    (There's also an option in the pop up box where you can check "open link in new window" - it's on the bottom left). Good luck!

    This frog/toad unit is adorable!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

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  13. This is the best fiction/non-fiction information I have seen! Thank you so much!