Butterfly Bonanza Winner

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
The winner of my Butterfly Bonanza unit is . . .  Tabitha!  Congratulations!

I had 12 people enter and I thank all of you for your interest and your comments.  One entry was through an email and she was the 6th person to comment so I plugged her in as number 6.

My coworker had her baby today and he is one beautiful baby boy!  I got to drive over to the hospital and hold him!  Ya'll she taught school today until around 2ish and decided her contractions were close enough that she might need to go home and call her Dr.  She had him at 5:42!  Wow!
Congratulations to Rikki and John Lally and to Abby and Emily on the arrival of Jack Thomas!

And, in their honor (and since I am having all kinds of warm fuzzies right now), I would like to give this unit away to the first person who comments on this post. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. A new baby - how exciting! Congrats to your co-worker!

  2. Oh how exciting with a new baby! I have a 4 month old grandchild & she is so precious. I also love teaching my firsties, but I guess I missed on the give away. Thanks for all you do with the blog & freebies! Jackie

  3. Wow!!!! She taught until 2??!!! I was always at the hospital with my first twinge of a contraction! I could never hold out!! Congratulations to your friend- there's just nothing like the blessing of a new baby.

  4. Again, thanks for all you share. I was so excited this morning to see my name! May your Kiddies be calm and all you say stick :)
    THANK YOU, Tabitha