Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Let's not beat around the bush.  My kids have spring fever.  Big time.  Teaching in my classroom is like pulling teeth.  But I refuse to throw in the towel.  I will bend over backwards to squeeze a few more drops of learning out of their little brains.

We are reading this story in our reading series:

It is a good story to use to teach idioms: 

We went over one of my old anchor charts. (not one of the best charts I ever made but you get the drift)

I was on cloud 9 after my students did this little writing activity. 
I wrote a list of idioms on the promethean board, we talked about their meanings and then the students chose one, used it in a sentence and then added their illustration.

This student wrote:  That ipad cost an arm and a leg. I wish I had $600 dollars.

This student wrote:  I took a cat nap on my bed.

This student wrote:  Man, that boy lost his head! 

You can grab yourself a copy by clicking HERE. 

Well friends, I'm calling it a day and hitting the road.  
I'm all idiomed out.