Friday, May 3, 2013
We did our worm study this week and the kids loved it!  They begged to take their worms home and I let them on Thursday.  These are a few stories I got this morning and I was impressed to see that a few of their scientific minds were still experimenting:

1.  I put my worm in lemonade to see if he could swim and he died.
2.  I cut my worm in half to see if he would grow a new tail and he didn't, he died. 
3.  My grandpa and I let my worm go in the garden.  (so sweet)
4.  One mom informed us that the worm is now a new pet and is sitting right beside the fishbowl.

Here are a few things we did with our worms this week:
(click on any of the pictures to grab yourself a copy)

We finished up our study with a little worm dessert
and we read this book:
I saw this on Pinterest and I couldn't resist:

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