Random Journal Entries

Friday, March 14, 2014
I was digging through journals and found a few blog worthy pages that I thought I would share.

In the picture below, we were working on a little higher order thinking when we were learning about place value.  The problem was:  Michael has 4 boxes of movies.  Each box has 10 movies.  Juan has 8 movies.  How many movies in all?

In the pictures below, we were working on fractional parts of a set.  I gave the students some foam heart stickers and they stuck them in their journal and wrote the fractional parts of the set.

In the picture below, we were working on +10, -10, +1, -1.

The two entries below are on occasions when I let my students "free" write in their journals.  They were so silly that I had to share.  Sometimes, I wish I had the carefree mind of a first grader.
I wish my brother was a unicorn.

One time I ate a pizza and it feeled like a party in my tummy.

Happy Teaching!

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