Gingerbread Writing and Words with Multiple Meanings

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gingerbread Writing:
Use prepositions/prepositional phrases to tell where the gingerbread boy/girl is located.

You can get a copy of the handwriting paper HERE
Last year I found some cute and colorful gingerbread men stickers for students to stick on their picture.  I couldn't find them this year but did run across these at Mardel's:

This week we are working on words with multiple meanings.

  (This last one cracks me up - His sentence reads "My daughter hit that ball with that bat."  He is 6 years old so I don't know why he chose to write "My daughter".)

I made these into student booklets by stapling together the title page and 5 copies of the recording sheet. 

The students are doing one page a day this week for their morning work. 

You could also use this for an antonyms, synonyms, homophones, etc.   
When you get your copy, I included a title page for an anotnym book and a synonym book.
You can grab a copy HERE

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  1. I love gingerbread, but using it to help teach the kiddos prepositions makes it even sweeter!

    First Grade Delight