Thanksgiving Art

Monday, November 14, 2011

I have lots of art to show on this post and in case you are wondering, no, we do not do art all day.  I have 5 centers set up in my room and one of them is the art center.  Students visit that center once a week.  So, to explain, we made the Indian the first week of November, the Pilgrim boy/girl the second week of November, and this week, students are working on a turkey.

Indian (body is made from a small lunch sack and each lunch sack will make two):

Pilgrim boy/girl:

Paper plate turkey:
This would look really cute painted and if I did this whole group, we would paint them.  Since it is a center, we don't have time for paint to dry.

I loved the writing that Mrs. Carroll did with her class at The First Grade Parade so I had to do it with my class. 
The students had to write:  I have a ____ but a pilgrim boy/girl did not.  They really turned out cute.

Then one of my wonderful coworkers found a cute turkey activity on Pinterest so we did this little art project for homework.
(we sent a feather home with each child and they were told to decorate it any way that they wanted and then we placed them on our class turkey)

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