I ♥ Anchor Charts!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
I use tons of anchor charts in my classroom.  Some are used for one lesson while some hang in the classroom all year long so they can be referenced throughout the year. 

I am sharing some of the anchor charts that I used this year while teaching from the Journeys® reading series.  Today, I will focus on Book 1.

These charts go with the story  What is a Pal?
I used these charts with the story The Storm.

This anchor chart was created on my promethean board and used with the story Curious George at School.

I introduced this chart with the story Lucia's Neighborhood and it was a chart that was displayed on the wall all year and was referred to many times with many different stories.
I also used this one with Lucia's Neighborhood when teaching about adjectives.

If there is enough interest, I can post more charts that I used with other stories in the Journeys series.

Below, I am posting a few anchor charts that I found on pinterest that I plan on using this year.  I hope you find something that inspires you!
source:  I {heart} Teaching  (clink on the link to see her lesson on teaching prepositions)


  1. I'm behind on reading my favorite blogs so I just now saw this. Love it! You have great ideas for anchor charts and I have pinned this so I'm ready for unit 1. Thanks soooo much for sharing!!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  2. I love your anchor charts! I would love for you to post the ideas you use to make charts for the other units as well. Anchor charts are something I have rarely done before, mostly due to my lack of artistic ability. Ha! But I can blow a picture up with my projector and trace it off ahead of time. Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Love your ideas for Journeys. We just started with it this year and are all quite overwhelmed! I'd love to see more of your anchor charts. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the charts and your ideas! Keep them coming...please :-)

  5. Could you PLEASE post more anchor charts that you have used with Journey's!? I know this post is 5 years old, but I just stumbled upon it from pinterest and would love for you to share what other anchor charts you have done for the Journey's series. I am an anchor chart guru!!!