Center Rotation Update and a Freebie

Monday, August 5, 2013
This is my updated center chart.  (I know it is almost identical to my old one but I did make one change.)
I changed out the tags because I felt I was limited as to what to put in each center.  The old version had pictures on the pockets and the new version has numbers on the tags.  Now, I don't feel limited as to what to put in each center.  If I want two math centers, then I can plug it in.

If you would like to read my old post about how I do centers click HERE.

I make two copies of the owl tags.  One set goes on the chart (see first picture above) and the other set goes on desks where students go to complete the center.  (If you do not have desks because of limited space, then you could use center tubs and just tape the picture on each tub.)

I made a few choices  of tags if you are interested in making a center chart.

You can grab a copy for yourself by clicking
I have two more weeks before I officially start.  Of course, I will be getting my room ready before then.  I hope everyone has the best year ever!


  1. I love your blog! Do you have a template for the center label and rotation chart?