Moon Study

Sunday, January 19, 2014
"Let's Go to the Moon!" is one of my favorite stories in our reading basil.  There is so much to do with this story and I've included some of the activities we did this week with our story.  

Since identifying and writing questions was one of our skills this week, we wrote "Did you know" questions that had to include a fact about the moon.

We also wrote 5 sentence paragraphs about the moon.  This was a 2 day process.  On day 1, we made our class circle map about the moon and did our prewriting. On day 2, we wrote our final draft copy.

We made a model showing how the moon orbits earth while the earth orbits the sun. 
You can grab a copy of the pattern free at Once Upon a First Grade Adventure along with some additional moon ideas.  BTW, Mrs. H's anchor chart is way cuter than mine.

I also added our science TEKS "Objects in the Sky" to our moon study.

Brainpopjr has great videos on the sun and moon.

We also completed the "Day or Night" sort shown below.  The card pictures included objects you might see during the day or night but also includes activities you might do during the day or night.  You will notice that three cards are in the middle.  My students have done enough Venn Diagrams that they placed those cards in the middle because you can do them either day or night.
If you are interested in these cards, you can get them in Sheila Melton's store.  

We, of course, did all the activities included in my Let's Go the Moon unit.  I wish I had gotten pictures of my students working in centers on some of the activities.  Here is a preview of what's in the pack.

On Friday, we tasted real astronaut ice cream that I ordered from HERE

We graphed our results:  

This activity is from Abby's Amazing Astronauts Activities! Pack

I hope you can find one or two things you could add to your moon study.
  Happy Teaching, Friends!

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