Penny Science and President's Writing

Sunday, February 23, 2014
This past week we learned  about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Since their pictures are on money, we had fun doing a couple of science experiments with pennies.

First, we used droppers to see how many drops of water our pennies would hold.  Students made their predictions as to how many drops of water their penny would hold and then they tested their hypothesis.

Most of them found out that their predictions were too small.

Then we did an experiment to see what would clean our pennies the best:  water, water and soap, vinegar and salt, or lemon and salt.

I gave each student 4 pennies, 4 cups and 4 sticky notes.  They labeled the sticky note with the liquid that was in it and placed it beside each cup.  
We patiently waited 5 minutes. Students took their pennies out and dried them and recorded their results.

They then had to tell what they learned.

We also did some writing about Washington and Lincoln:

Happy Teaching!

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