Valentine Science

Saturday, February 15, 2014
I don't know about you, but I was EXHAUSTED when I left school yesterday.  Party days wear. me. out.

We did manage to get in a few spots of learning despite all the chaos.  

We did an experiment using the scientific method.  And best of all, it involved candy hearts and chocolate kisses!  

I got this idea and all the sheets for the activity from Primary Paradise's Packet Valentine's Day Candy Science Experiment.  It was well worth the purchase and I recommend you checking it out!

We started with this question -
Do valentine candies dissolve in hot or cold water?

Then the students made their hypothesis.  
(They will melt in hot and freeze in cold.)

Here is a picture of the candy in cold water:

Here is a picture of the candy in hot water: 

BrainpopJr. has a great video on the Scientific Method 

If you are interested in making a poster for the steps of the scientific method, you can get that for free from an old post of mine.  Just click on the picture below.

And y'all, I got the sweetest Valentine present -
You may not can tell from the picture, but the cellophane wrapper was missing.
and when I opened the lid, this is what I found:

Happy Teaching!!!!!

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