Valentine Centers and a Couple of Freebies

Monday, February 10, 2014
Our Valentine centers are up and running and I thought I would share a few pictures of the centers we are working on this week.

Finding the Missing Part/Fact Families:
Students used Valentine erasers as manipulatives to find the missing part and then wrote the corresponding fact families.

Valentine Sentence Scramble:
You can grab this activity on one of my old blog posts:

Suffixed -ed and -ing:
In this center, the students roll the cube to see if they need to add suffix -ed or -ing to a base word.  Then they had to use their word in a sentence.  You can grab a copy of this activity HERE.

Counting Dimes and Pennies:
I put plastic dimes and pennies in little heart containers.  The students simply count the money and record their answer.  I think I got this recording sheet from Sheree Peterson's blog but I couldn't find the link on her blog.  If I do, I will add the link later.

At this center, my firsties were using Splash Math.

I made this little noun and verb sort for review this week.
I gave each student a piece of manilla paper.  They wrote "Nouns" on the left and "Verbs" on the right.  They then cut out the pictures and glued them under "noun" or "verb."  After getting the pictures glued, they then wrote the words on their recording sheet.  You can grab a copy by clicking on either picture below.

The cute graphics are from My Cute Graphics.

Happy Teaching!

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