Do Worms Like Light?

Sunday, October 12, 2014
We recently did a science investigation to see if worms like light.
We started by graphing our predictions.  

Each student got a paper plate, a worm and a flashlight.  They had to shine the light on the worm taking care not to follow the worm with the light if it began to move. 
 (we had a discussion about this prior to the investigation and we discussed that if the worm moved away from the light and we followed it with the light, then we were not letting the worm make the choice)

Every student's worm moved out of the light so our conclusion was that worms do not like light.

If you would like a copy of the investigation sheet we used to record our observations on, you can grab it at this old blog post.

I want to share a fabulous find I found while on pinterest.  See the tubs that are holding my student's place value blocks in the picture below.     Worth.Every.Penny.

Those little jewels can be found at Dollar Tree.  
Here is the original blog post so you can grab the cute little labels too:

Happy teaching friends!

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