Literacy Groups In Action

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
I thought I would share what is going on in literacy groups this week.  Right now, my literacy groups consist of 3 things:  phonics skill, reading, and sight word practice.  When a group comes to the table, we usually work on our phonics skill first.  This week, we are working on blends with r.  Today, students circled pictures that started with dr and fr, then they flipped over and circled the blend that each picture started with.

Then we read.  I have different groups reading different books based on their reading levels.  Below, you can see pictures of two different groups reading.  I have students read using whisper phones (that my hubby made- I used the directions from Priscilla at This allows me to lean in and listen, intervene and question students as needed.  All the kids are engaged in the reading the whole time.

We also work on sight words.  I use the rapid response sheets that I made to go with our Journeys series.  You can grab those here, here, here, and here.

You can see the sight word rapid response sheets in the picture below.  I didn't grab a picture of the students actually reading those.

Literacy groups are actually the favorite part of my day!

Happy teaching, friends!

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