TpT Sale and Brand New School

Sunday, July 31, 2016
For the past year, we have been watching our new school being built and I am excited to say it is almost finished.  I will be teaching in that brand new building this year!  {happy dance!} 

This is the front of the building: 
My stuff all moved into the new room:
And more stuff:
After putting away most of my stuff, I started arranging the room:
The old furniture from the old school looked outdated and mismatched  so I painted it.   It looks a thousand times better. {I did realize that the older I get, the less I like to paint.  In fact, I decided that I HATE to paint.}
After painting, I had to do something fun so I decorated the front of my computer desk.
I also worked on my Focus Wall. 
I love the title and I made it using Amy Groesbeck's Editable Subject Banner.
I used Chirp Graphics Free Chalkboard Label Frames to make the subject titles.
I am planning on purchasing Creation Castle's First Grade TEKS Bundle of I Can and I Will Statements to display under each subject.  That is one of the many items already in my cart for the big TPT sale Aug 1-2.

Speaking of the TpT sale, all of my items are on sale as well.  Click on the link below to go to my store.  Be sure to use the code:  BESTYEAR when checking out to get the extra savings.

I will post more pictures of my classroom as I get it done. 
Happy Teaching!

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